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Residential Water Treatment

We customize your home's water system according to your water quality.

H3500 Water Filter


The Reverse Osmosis Filters down to 1 micron with dual-function pre-filter. Proven to reduce arsenic, fluoride, chromium+6, lead, and more. Pre-filter removes chlorine, sediment, and other particles to prolong the life of the membrane cartridge.

Provide the highest quality of water right from your faucet.

Acid Neutralizer


Automatic and easy access fill plug fiberglass media tank with digital control and built-in bypass. 1.5 Cubic Foot media space. Standard flooprint floor space 11"x11"x62" in height. Additional tank heights available for compact spaces.

Acid water or low pH causes corrosion in plumbing and fixtures leaving bluish-green stains. It dissolves plumbing that can lead to elevated levels of lead and copper in drinking water. The neutralizing tank filter contains a compound that slowly dissolves and raises the pH of the water to reduce acidity. Our Acid Neutralizing Filter is 

Hague Iron Filter

Hague - whole house filter iron and sulfur air draw_edited_edited.png

Cleaner Plumbing - filtration media traps iron and removes it from your water before it enters your pipes. No More Staining - protects every tap, shower, tub, and appliance from rust stains. Self-Sustaining - no need to replace a filter cartridge; the system refreshes itself.

Are you struggling with constant rust stains in your sink or on your laundry? Even though your water looks clear, it may bring dissolved iron into your home. Removing iron and sulfur no longer requires harsh chemicals or complicated equipment. The Hague Quality Water International Iron Filter uses nature's own oxidation process to remove the iron so that you can enjoy your water again.

Maximizer 96MM Water Softener


15-year limited warranty Built-in bypass 5-button controller (96MM) / Smart touch controller (6MM) Built-in sediment filter Safety shut-off

The Maximizer 96MM provides maximum power in a small space and economically delivers softened water to every tap in your home.

Ultraviolet Light

VIQUA Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Systems_edited_edited.jpg

This UV is equiped to inactivate chlorine-resitant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, harmful bacteria like E. Coli and viruses no visible to the naked eye. Built with a durable stainless stell chamber to prolong life and eliminate ultraviolet light degradation. Consistent and reliable ultraviolet output over the entire life of the lamp (9000 hours) to ensure continuous purification.

The quality of drinking water can change with time and become contaminated with harmful bacteria. This compact UV disinfection systems provide a reliable, economical, and chemical-free way to safeguard dinking water in any residential application. 

Hague Sulfur Filter

Hague - whole house filter iron and sulfur air draw_edited_edited.png

Improved Smell - no more embarassing “rotten egg” smell. Better Taste - high sulfur content will affect the taste of your water and all the food you cook with it. Self-Sustaining - no need to replace a filter cartridge; the system refreshes itself.

Make smelly water a thing of the past with our Hague Sulfur filter. Foul tastes and odors can be a real burden over time, and hydrogen sulfide gases in your water might be the culprit.  Using the power of nature, our filter oxides this gas, turning it into a particle that can easily be removed before your water travels to the rest of your home.

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